Our local team

Our local team

The Zambian team

Our 10 teachers are residents of Kalikiliki or surrounding compounds. They have received training from internationally qualified teachers and literacy experts from the UK and the USA.

Since our pupils have experienced hardship and, in some cases, abuse in their lives, our teachers treat pupils with love and warmth, using frequent praise and positive feedback, and generating a family-like atmosphere in the class. It is our policy that a feeling of love and compassion towards the children should prevail within the Shine Reading Academy, allowing the children to learn in an uninhibited way. The physical and emotional welfare of each child is paramount.

Our Head and Deputy Head Teacher

Our Head Teacher, David Mulenga, has been with Shine since 2011. He joined as a Phonics teacher but, due to his aptitude at teaching, his willingness to go the extra mile for our pupils, and his overall dedication to our cause, David was promoted to Head Teacher in 2014.

Our Deputy Head Teacher, Sharon Lombanya, was the first teacher to be employed by Shine in 2007. She is currently teaching a number of subjects including Maths, Phonics and Life Skills. She is passionate about helping vulnerable children from her community and quickly builds a rapport with pupils.

Our Operations Manager

Reverend Alfred Banda is our Operations Manager and has been with Shine from its inception. He even gave Shine a home in a spare room in his house while the classrooms were being constructed in 2009. Apart from being a highly respected member of the local community, he is skilled and experienced in managing projects in the community. Reverend Banda was previously a local councillor and is actively involved in politics. He is passionate about improving the lives of Zambians through education.