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Enrolment at Shine Zambia Reading Academy

written by Sian Jones This year was the second time that I had been involved in the enrolment process at Shine Zambia Reading Academy, and it was truly a fascinating experience! We have many people coming to Shine from about August every year looking for places for their children.  We

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Shine Pupil – Grace Tembo

Grace Tembo is 10 years old and lives in Kalikiliki with her parents and her five sisters.  She also has two brothers who have both married and left home.  The eight of them live in a small house with only two rooms.  One room is a bedroom for her parents

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Shine Pupil – Emeldah Mwanza

Emeldah Mwanza is 12 years old and is in the second year of our two year programme at Shine Zambia Reading Academy.  She is currently being taught grade 3 and grade 4 work in Maths, English, Social Development Studies, Chinyanja and Science. Emeldah lives in Kalikiliki with her parents and

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Shine Pupil – Mary Chiwala

Mary Chiwala is an eleven year old pupil at Shine Zambia Reading Academy.  She lives in one of the compounds surrounding Shine called Mtendere East with her Auntie.  Sadly, her Uncle passed away in 2003 and her Auntie was left to bring up their child alone.  Now Mary lives with

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Interview with a Shine graduate

written by Sian Jones During our first week back at Shine Zambia Reading Academy one of our graduates from last year paid us a visit. In order to graduate from Shine Zambia Reading Academy pupils must be able to read and write and pass exams at Zambian grade 4 level

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My first frustration

written by Sian Jones Zambia is an amazing country, but unless you are living in your own bubble (as we often are at Shine Zambia Reading Academy) you WILL get frustrated! On Thursday I needed to print out several documents I had been working on for the teachers regarding the

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My first week back in Zambia

written by Sian Jones We landed in Lusaka on Monday at 6.30am and by 9am I was settled into my accommodation (a miracle in itself!).  However, instead of resting after a long night flight and getting settled back into a very different country, culture and climate, we went straight to

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