Coppice Primary School in Derbyshire are supporting Shine!

Coppice Primary School in Derbyshire are supporting Shine!

taken from the Coppice Primary School website

After a recent visit from Sian Jones, a volunteer teacher who has worked in Africa offering literacy support, the children and staff of Coppice have chosen to support and develop links with a project known as Shine.

The children in Year 3 quickly held a book sale, inspired by the images and stories that Sian shared with them on her visit. They raised over £150 – money which goes a long way in a poor community in Zambia.

We are now further devloping links with the Shine Reading Academy. We will continue to support their valuable work through fundraising, and also through the exchange of letters and pictures bewteen students.

You can visit the Coppice Primary School through the following link:

To read two of the many thank you letters sent to Sian after her day spent at the school teaching the children about life in Zambia for the orphans and vulnerable children supported by Shine, click on the images below:




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