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My first frustration

written by Sian Jones Zambia is an amazing country, but unless you are living in your own bubble (as we often are at Shine Zambia Reading Academy) you WILL get frustrated! On Thursday I needed to print out several documents I had been working on for the teachers regarding the

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My first week back in Zambia

written by Sian Jones We landed in Lusaka on Monday at 6.30am and by 9am I was settled into my accommodation (a miracle in itself!).  However, instead of resting after a long night flight and getting settled back into a very different country, culture and climate, we went straight to

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Going back to Zambia

written by Sian Jones Going to Zambia has always been an adventure for me, a new unknown chapter. Each time, I have boarded the plane heading to a new area of Zambia with new people and new challenges. This time, my fifth trip to Africa and my fourth trip to

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Third time lucky

written by Sian Jones As I prepare to return to Zambia to volunteer at Shine Zambia Reading Academy for 6 months as a trustee of Shine, I thought I would briefly share with you the journey that has brought me here. After completing my training as a secondary maths teacher

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I ran the London 10k run for Shine

written by Melissa Pereira It all started on a cold New Year’s Eve when a group of us decided we would take part in the next London 10k run.  We decided to run for Shine because of the great work that the charity has accomplished in teaching underprivileged children in

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Welcome to the new Shine blog

written by Vineet Bhatnagar Hi all!  This is the first of many blog posts on the new-look Shine website.  After a feeble attempt to start a blog last year while I was in Zambia, I’m trying again! So to kick off the new blog I’d like to write a few

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